Bexis Aggelos & CO G.P. was founded in 1996. The company has been active in the import and distribution of ingredients for bakery and confectionery. From the day of its establishment until now, our goal is to create and develop strong ties of cooperation with our partners , based on quality, price , reliability and consistency of our work. We provide our customers with the highest quality of service, in order to gain their respect and their dedication. Our company meets the requirements of modern times, we constantly setting new goals and enriching our product range with new, according to market requirements following the trends of changing economic and business environment. The company operates fully in Corinthia, Argolis, Messinia and partially in Achaia, Laconia and West Attica.

Bexis Aggelos & CO G.P. owns modern facilities based in Korintho and warehouse in Lehaio. The company is entirely conformed to the latest distribution systems (FIRST IN/FIRST OUT ) and constantly monitors all the controlled temperature facilities. The storage of goods is carried out under strict standards of hygiene and safety. The delivery of the products become with owned trucks which providing direct service of superior quality.

The critical points that our company outperforms is the providing of high quality products at competitive prices and the prompt service to our customers. All the above, combined with our years of experience in this field, make us a trusted partner.